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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Overcoming fears

Speech 12.8.16

Imagine this. You climb a high wall. You look down and everyone looks like tiny little ants. This is how I felt when I went to clip n climb for the very first time.

I went to school and heard my friends talking about a place I've never been to or heard of. They said “have you ever been to clip n climb?” Nope I said. They said “you should definitely go there it's so fun!” 

So next Saturday I asked my dad if I could go to clip n climb and he said to show me the address. I jumped right to my iPad and searched it up. I found the address and shoved the screen right at his face, and said “get in the car if you really want to go”. So I ran and jumped straight in the car and sat down and waited.

 It seemed like 5 hours but Finally! Ok we’re here my dad said. I sprinted into the building slowing down near the door. First We went to this guy that told us what to do. Yup I got my harness on. Let's go! We Slid down this red pole. I felt like I was a fireman rushing down to save the day. When my feet slammed to the ground I looked around me saying out loud. “Woah! It's like a climbing paradise! Except it's actually a climbing centre”.

There's so much stuff to climb!
I looked for the easiest one first. It was this plastic box twisting all the way up. That's high but It looked easy so might as well climb it! I put the clips on my harness click... click... done! Let's start climbing! I saw some holes so I put my foot in it and kept on climbing up and up and up. I looked down. Ok I'm going down now. Have you ever had that feeling when you were on top of huge hill and you're on a bridge and you look down and your hands were sweating and your mouth started to dry up? Well that was what was happening right now.

 No keep climbing said my dad shouting. I ignored him and said nope I'm coming down. oh sadde said my dad (just in case you don't know what sadde means it means that I'm a scaredy cat.) “I'll do it… Only for a little bit of money” I said. Ok let's try it FOR THE MONEY! nope nope nope nope. I'm to scared of all of them. I have a limit for climbing which is like half of the wall. But then there was an easy easy EASY looking one. Ok I said to myself I will climb all the way to the top and press that big red button. I have no idea what it does but time to find out! Remember, FOR THE MONEY! 

I climbed up and up ok don't look down and keep on going. One foot up second foot up. One hand up second hand up. And click yes! I pressed the button but it doesn't do anything but I don't care! I reached the top! And that's how I got over my fear and you can too.

Describe the sadde✅
Change half of the thing to half of a wall ✅
I'd like to know more about how scared you were✅

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  1. "Imagine this.You climb a high wall. you look down and everyone looks like tiny little ants."
    That's a great hook for the beginning.