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Monday, 5 September 2016

Discovery time 9.8.16

Discovery Time 9/8/16
Today at discovery time Will and I made drawing books, and it was Will's idea. We used a folder and did our best drawings by observing pictures in safari and putting in in our folder. Will's being putting cartoony drawing in his folder like emojis and mini hulk and mini deadpool. I have been drawing realistic and serious drawings. I have 1 finished drawing in my folder and 1 unfinished drawing in my folder. Will's got 4 finished drawings and that's because they were so easy to draw. My finished drawing was a realistic looking anglerfish that took me a whole discovery time and a whole morning tea time to finish, and then I started working on another one which was a steampunk shark but I only got a chance to do it for 5 minutes which was barely anything for me so I will finish it at home. I've added colour to the angler fish to make it stand out more but there were lines of colour everywhere. Mrs. Reynolds said that it will look more better if you blended the colours, so I did and it looked way better than the one before. I think I should work on a bit more shading to make my drawings more realistic, and also take my time and don't try to rush it or it doesn't look good. Overall drawing/sketching was very fun with will and I will do it with will again.

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