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Monday, 5 September 2016

Discovery Time 30.8.16

Discovery Time
Today at discovery time I didn't really do anything. I first did sketching, and I got really bored of it so I stopped. I tried to create a drawing book, I worked on the cool cover for a while and I did think it looked cool but I got quite bored. So… I stopped. Mrs. Reynolds told me to follow her and she said if I would like to do the obstacle course. I said sure. But I didn't know what to do so I tried to tell Jayden but he was too busy. Riley told me how it works but I did not get it at all. So I quit and walked back to class. I talked to Mrs. Reynolds for a while and decided that since I like art and never did painting before we decided that next discovery time I will do painting or water colouring on a canvas. A struggle for me was trying to find what to do. Someone who stood out for me was Mrs. Reynolds because she helped me to find what to do (even though I got bored of all of them) she still tried to help. I would like to improve by actually doing something so next discovery time I will do something that I won't get bored of.  A success for me was nothing. I tried to do stuff but I got bored of it, so I didn't really have a success this discovery time.

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