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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Proud Writing

Proud Writing
When I played soccer in the B team we played another team and I was in the striker position.
I was so happy and proud as it was my first time scoring for my team. My face bursted into a smile. I high fived a few people that were in my team.
Some one passed the ball to me and I honestly ball hogged it but managed to score a goal. I put my hands in the air and celebrated for a minute and got back in focus on the game. When we finished our game I sprinted to Darren and said what was the scores? Darren said that it was 8-0. 
So we WON! We all got lollipops, which were so yum.
 When we went to the bus there were
people from the football A team And B team ( the B team was us.) I talked to the A team and felt proud to say that we won.

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