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Sunday, 22 May 2016

T1 Reflection

Term 1 Reflection
We learnt about beat and rhythm. We learnt the purpose of it what it's made for. I found it very interesting as I never knew what music could actually do to you, except for listening to it.
We did a performance to the public, and I think it went well. But I was so nervous as there were like a thousand people who came to watch us. But everyone loved it and I started to smile and that shook all the nervousness out of me. I really enjoyed grooving along with the beat.

I think I am at a relational level, because I know the meaning of beat and why we have beat and how it effects us for instance, when music is fast we become more energetic, and when music is slow we start to feel droopy and lazy, and this is called tempo.

 My next step is to teach other people to understand how beat and rhythm works.

My role in my performance was doing the beat to keep everyone else in time so everything will go well for audiences will love our song.

 A struggle for me was to keep hold of everything and get used to it so I won't mess everything up. 

Overall I enjoyed learning about beat and rhythm, and doing the performance.

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