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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Discovery Time

Discovery Time
Today at discovery time I learnt Kendo with Jack. I think the armour looks really cool. We did it at the hall, as the ground is more slippery and had larger space. We checked if it's free so we can use it.

The role I played was learner. I learnt how to hold the sword properly and learnt the special walk I have to do. I also learnt what I have to shout out in order to get a point.
A strategy I used was listening and looking at every part of Jack's body to see what I am supposed to do. I used this because if I did not listen and not look I will have no idea what I'm meant to do.
A struggle for me was trying to hit the right parts and say the right words. The words are Japanese so it's really a hard to remember to say the words connecting with the right body parts.
I showed a growth mindset by not giving up when I fail, and doing the right positions.
Next discovery time I want to show an improvement by remembering the words and keep on practicing.

These are professionals.
Overall I had fun learning kendo with Jack. I loved the look of the armour too.

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