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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Trip To Rainbows End

TRIP TO RAINBOW’S END         Date 27-10-15
My family and I went on a trip to Auckland to collect my dad’s new Kia car. The fIrst drive we took in it was the beach. I could see a volcano in the distance. When I went to the ocean, it was so warm like stepping into a hot spa. The waves would push me up and down.

I had enough and went back to the car tip-toeing my way, as the road was burning hot. The next adventure was The theme park called Rainbows End. I thought that was a cool name.

First, we all went to the one that really caught my eye. The Fear Fall. It looked high. But I'm not scared of heights. 

We sat on a red plastic chair. We had to take off our watches and glasses, as they might fall off in the ride. Then the machine shook and slowly went up, and up, and up. I struggled to look down as it was so high! But there was such a good view of Rainbows End. 
I said, “Well, this isn't so bad.”
Until whoosh it was going down so fast! I felt my organs were going to fall out of my mouth! We got closer to the ground. And it slowed down, and stopped. 
My mum said, “That was a  scary ride. I'm never going there again!”

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