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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Trip To Queenstown

Trip To Queenstown                                         Date 5-11-15
I woke up. I was so happy! It was my first time going on a road trip! I had no time to waste. I brushed my teeth, and packed my bag. I went to my mum to say I was ready. 
She said, “No time for breakfast. We need to go.”
I grabbed my bag and got in the car. 
My dad said, “Did you get everything?” 
I said “YES.”
 My dad said, “Are you sure?” 
And I said “YES!!!” 
“Oh, ok just double checking.” My dad started the car and we were off. 

After two hours of sleeping, I woke up and… We were here! First we had a look around. It was so cool. I liked the statue of a old man that looked like a man from the nineteen sixties. Then my dad booked a hotel for us. 

The next day it was freezing. We ate some food in the restaurant, which was yummy. Then we all got in the car and drove. After a few minutes, the car went to a stop. I went out and looked up.There was a mountain with a little building on top. The mountain was HUGE! There was a little building in the next to the mountain.
We went in the building, while looking at the signs. There was a giant line of people. After a few hours it was finally our turn to go in the gondola. There was a cubical that we had to go into. It was called a gondola. There were some doors that would open for us.

My mum, dad and I went in. There were two windows on each side. Including the back of it. There were seats that were very comfy. The box shook and we started going up, following the thick black cable which the box was connected to. I looked through the window. Wow! I could see so much things! I saw buildings, tiny cars, and more!
It was such a amazing view! Finally, the cubicle stopped. I went through the crowd of people trying to keep up with my parents. I was on top of the mountain! I sprinted to the highest part of the mountain. 

I felt like saying “I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD!” But I just held it to myself. Now that's my holiday.

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