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Thursday, 26 November 2015

My Very Raging Day

My Very Raging Morning
I woke up. I sneaked out of my room, watching my step. I tip-toed to through the hallway, then the living room. I saw my iPad charging, just sitting on the couch. I unplugged it, grabbed it and tip toed back to my bedroom. I jumped on to the bed, and slowly opened the case until… “Jay! Can you come here please?”
 Ahhhh! I was about to play on my iPad! So I just walked to my mum’,s bedroom.

 She said “Can I have a glass of water please?” 
I said, “Ok.” 
So I ran to the kitchen, twisted the the tap, and captured the water in the glass. 
Then my dad said, “Can I have one too son?” 
AHHHH. I didn't say that but I felt like it. I walked, my legs were feeling droopy, and I… Fell over. But I didn't give up! I stood up and went to the kitchen! I twisted the tap again. And captured the water into the glass again! And went to the bedroom. 
“Thanks son.” my dad replied. 
Finally! I said to myself I ran to my bedroom yes! The moment I've been waiting, and… 
“Jay, can you brush your teeth please?”
 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. And that was my very raging day!

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  1. My favourite sentence in this text is when you said you "captured the water in the glass". What a cool way to describe filling your glass Jay! It actually gives it a whole different feel.. It's not just getting a glass of water anymore.. It's an adventure to capture the water! Well done! Miss D :)