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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My 9th Birthday Party

My 9th Birthday Party      Date 29-10-15
I woke up. I realised it was my birthday today! When I went to the living room I saw decorations everywhere and a sign that said happy birthday! I saw my mum and dad come out the door and said happy birthday! After a few hours all my friends came. In the invitation I wrote “bring your water guns please.” 
My friends got changed to their togs and shot everyone in sight. Some ganged up on me which was funny. Some people got balloons in my room and filled them with water. They pretended it was bombs, even though they were water bombs. A lot of people threw them at me which made me completely wet.

Some ganged up on other people. It was hilarious as they tried to run away. Some people let me borrow their own guns. Some were huge! And some were small. We just kept on shooting people, just chasing them, throwing water bombs, until my dad connected a hose to this giant balloon. It formed into a water slide! Some people took a run up and jumped, they went speeding through the slide. Someone gave me this giant balloon and said “ Throw this on Ryan...GO” I ran as fast as I could and waited till Ryan got tired of dodging and… SPLASH!!! Ryan got completely wet. It was the funniest day of my life!

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