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Thursday, 5 November 2015

First Time Skiing

First Time skiing       Date 1-11-15
I totally forgot that me and my family was going to Mt Hutt!!! I never went skiing before. I ate my breakfast and got heaps of jackets and wore double socks.
I said I was ready, so we went in the car. 
It took one hour to get there. 
After an hour I looked outside and everything was white and sparkly. I saw gondolas and people skiing. Some people were doing back flips while skiing. I don't think I could do that yet. I went for skiing lessons to know how to ski. They teached me how to move, how to stop, and how to turn. It was so fun! We had levels on skiing. I automatically went to level two because I was good at it. And some were still in level one! I guess I am good at skiing after all.

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