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Monday, 26 October 2015

Hiding Spot

Hiding Spot
I saw my dad, stumbling heavily to the kitchen. I wanted to surprise my dad by pretending not to be at home. So I decided to hide. I lowered both legs, slowed down and tip toed to the balcony. I slowly opened the curtains. I found a little shady spot, just big enough to fit in. I stretched my body to a comfortable position, while still keeping my body in the shade. I can smell dust and burnt wood as the sun was shining brightly right through the balcony.

I heard my dad say, ”Where is Jay?”

I was so nervous that I felt butterflies in my stomach. I heard my dad talking to my mum. I could just hear my dad saying ‘do you know where my son is?’ 

And everything went silent. Until I heard giant footsteps getting louder, and louder, and louder until they stopped. My heart was beating like a drum. And then I heard footsteps again, but getting quieter, and quieter, and quieter, then silence. I held my breath, and curled my legs. I was in a big panic, like he could jump out at me right now. The footsteps again. I took a deep breath, and held it until the footsteps went away. But it was just getting louder, and louder, and louder until they stopped again. I saw the curtains swaying side to side. And the gap between opening and closing. 

I opened the curtains, a teeny tiny bit, just big enough for me to peek through. I looked left and right. No sign of my dad anywhere. So I shut the curtains, and kept still. Suddenly I heard rustling noises from the gap. I saw a man's shadow. I slowly crawled my way there and… BOO!!! My heart jumped right out of my mouth and dropped back in. 

Ah whew... it was just my dad.

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