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Tuesday, 4 August 2015


We have done a fun activity called water monitoring. We've been learning about water and 
We've been learning about creatures in the rivers called invertebrates.
I heard that rubbish and pollution kills invertebrates and fish.
So before we went fixing that problem, we went for a school trip to learn more about living things. We had to choose one big trip. There was the wetlands and the museum. Or the water pumping station and the Groynes.
After one trip we learnt a lot already. We learnt more about invertebrates and different species! Such as Mayfly, Damselfly, Water boatmen, Leech and much more!

We were learning how to be scientists. We were learning about water as well.
We were checking the temperature, turbidity, acidity, and base. This activity that we were learning about is called water monitoring. It's a bunch of tests on water and learning from them.
Acid is bad and base is bad as well. But the only good thing in water is neutral.
But comparing acid to base... Acid is the worst for water forms and life.
Base is also known as alkaline.
We use a little strip of yellow paper and dip it in the water. Then we take it out and see what colour the water is on the paper. We have a chart with us to see if it's acidic, alkaline or neutral.
Acid is from 0 to 4 on the chart.
Neutral is from 6 to 7 on the chart.
And base is from 7 to 14 on the chart.
So since we have a chart with us, we can tell if our water is healthy for future generations.

After that we got to choose what we want to do for the finale. We got to choose  from iMovie,Stencil,Riparian planting and much more activities! I chose IMovie.
It took a while for me to practice the talking in the movie. AlsoI needed to find good pictures and music for my movie. But when the festival was ready to start my iMovie was such a big success! A lot of people were watching it and loved it! I was also walking around with my iPad to show my iMovie as an ad.The festival was Awesome! Everybody that came really enjoyed it!

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