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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Water monitoring process

                                                   Water Monitoring Process  

Firstly, when we got to school we did a really fun activity called Water Monitoring. It means to find out information using a number of different tests.

One of the tests uses indicator paper to test the pH levels of the water. Acid and Alkali is also known as a  base. Base is between ph 7 to ph 14. Ph 14 is alkaline and ph 1 is battery acid or you can call it really strong acid. Ph stands for pure hydrogen but people just use it as measurement for acidity.


If we don't care about our water. It will be polluted in the future and our very native fish and animals will die. When they die they will dissolve in the water that will make the water polluted and not healthy to drink. We will die in the future if we kill our animals and litter everywhere we go. So that's why we have managers responsible for planting and  caring for our  rivers. If we didn't have managers in the past we would have bad water for future generations.

Acidity and alkali is very bad for our water but neutral as you can tell from its name is good and it will do nothing.

Neutral water will not hurt our water and living things like invertebrates, eels and many types of river or wetland waters. The indicator shows if it's acidic,alkaline or neutral.

Our school uses some yellow paper called indicator paper. If you want to do this at home I recommend using indicator liquid not indicator paper because indicator paper is too expensive and too complicated to use.We used the indicator paper to see if the water is too acidic or too alkaline or just neutral.

After we did the PH we did the TDS tester which is a machine that tells you how many total dissolved solids there are. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. We just dip it on to the water and swirl it around and there will be a button that says HOLD so hold that button and it will show you how many things and animals have been dissolved. Dissolved means like an animal dies then it becomes dissolved by breaking down into many pieces and never seen again.

Next we check the temperature. We just dip it on the water and wait till a little red liquid inside comes lurking up. There will be numbers on the right and on the left. On the left it shows how cold it is and on the right it shows how hot it is. And that's how we do water testing. If it's too hot no invertebrates will live there.

We learned that water is actually the most important thing in the whole world. If we don't care for our water, animals will die that live in the water and the water will be so polluted we will die if we drink it. So we care for the environment so the animals won't die and neither will we. I think that we need to stop making useless things with water like pools. It saves more water for everybody in the world. And if you want to swim, Swim in the beach instead of wasting water in the pool.


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