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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Compare And Contrast

      Compare And Contrast
   Midge larvae and Backswimmer
 It's interesting how their  life cycle goes because when a midge fly is a baby,  the backswimmer eats them. But when a midge larvae becomes an adult  known as a midge fly they eat the backswimmer!!! I call this revenge.
They both live in the same environment so they eat each other.

They both live in fresh waterways and swamps such as the wetlands. The midge larvae has several body parts. But a backswimmer has  less body parts than the midge. They are different sizes as a midge larvae is very small. The midge  is the  second part of the food chain as its a herbivore not a carnivore. But when the midge larvae grows to a midge fly, it turns into an omnivore and they start eating the backswimmer, and everything else. So they become the fourth or fifth of the food chain. Usually the backswimmer eats its eggs while the midge fly never eats its eggs and it protects its eggs from any threats.

 They have a different physical appearance.  Backswimmers have long hairy legs however the midge doesn’t  have hairy legs at all but  they have more legs than the backswimmer for swimming. The midge larvae tends to hide from predators unlike the backswimmer. They go straight for the predators next to their habitat. Since the midge larvae is in the second part of the food chain they hide near their habitat and never go to nearby predators. However the backswimmer is very easy to find and very common.  Backswimmers go straight for predators and they are more of an adventurer than the midge.  That’s why they're so common unlike the midge larvae. They never go  near  predators and they avoid being attacked.  They are  not an adventurer as they always stay near their habitat and hide. That's why midge larvae are so rare and backswimmers are so common.
 When a midge larvae turns into a midge fly they lay an egg on a branch and they look after it. When it hatches it  turns into a little red worm. They hang on the egg and say bye to their mum and just fall. After 1 day, sadly the midge fly dies by getting too old and it falls in the river. When the midge fly falls into the water, sometimes their babies don't know much so they eat their own mother!!
Or the midge fly will get eaten by a predator or dissolve into the depths. 

 By Madison and Jay


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