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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Observational writing

Observational writing

This leaf looks like a giant bean. The inside is gross and gooey, and the goo looks like snot. It’s wrinkly like it fell from the autumn mist. It has holes like a bug has crunched on it. It's brown like a bear and shaped as a banana. It hangs on the bush like a monkey trying to catch a banana. When you pinch it it's sounds a bit crunchy

It twinkles on the sun and has a big blunt point on the end of the plant. The brown plant has big bumps that looks like egg boxes. The leaf looks like old stained leather. The leaf is so long it looks like a big fat gigantic curled caterpillar. It rattles like a snake and reminds me of the Indian parade of the rattling. It sounds like those instruments that they have in Mexico, filled with rice.

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