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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Overcoming fears

Speech 12.8.16

Imagine this. You climb a high wall. You look down and everyone looks like tiny little ants. This is how I felt when I went to clip n climb for the very first time.

I went to school and heard my friends talking about a place I've never been to or heard of. They said “have you ever been to clip n climb?” Nope I said. They said “you should definitely go there it's so fun!” 

So next Saturday I asked my dad if I could go to clip n climb and he said to show me the address. I jumped right to my iPad and searched it up. I found the address and shoved the screen right at his face, and said “get in the car if you really want to go”. So I ran and jumped straight in the car and sat down and waited.

 It seemed like 5 hours but Finally! Ok we’re here my dad said. I sprinted into the building slowing down near the door. First We went to this guy that told us what to do. Yup I got my harness on. Let's go! We Slid down this red pole. I felt like I was a fireman rushing down to save the day. When my feet slammed to the ground I looked around me saying out loud. “Woah! It's like a climbing paradise! Except it's actually a climbing centre”.

There's so much stuff to climb!
I looked for the easiest one first. It was this plastic box twisting all the way up. That's high but It looked easy so might as well climb it! I put the clips on my harness click... click... done! Let's start climbing! I saw some holes so I put my foot in it and kept on climbing up and up and up. I looked down. Ok I'm going down now. Have you ever had that feeling when you were on top of huge hill and you're on a bridge and you look down and your hands were sweating and your mouth started to dry up? Well that was what was happening right now.

 No keep climbing said my dad shouting. I ignored him and said nope I'm coming down. oh sadde said my dad (just in case you don't know what sadde means it means that I'm a scaredy cat.) “I'll do it… Only for a little bit of money” I said. Ok let's try it FOR THE MONEY! nope nope nope nope. I'm to scared of all of them. I have a limit for climbing which is like half of the wall. But then there was an easy easy EASY looking one. Ok I said to myself I will climb all the way to the top and press that big red button. I have no idea what it does but time to find out! Remember, FOR THE MONEY! 

I climbed up and up ok don't look down and keep on going. One foot up second foot up. One hand up second hand up. And click yes! I pressed the button but it doesn't do anything but I don't care! I reached the top! And that's how I got over my fear and you can too.

Describe the sadde✅
Change half of the thing to half of a wall ✅
I'd like to know more about how scared you were✅

Monday, 5 September 2016

Discovery time 9.8.16

Discovery Time 9/8/16
Today at discovery time Will and I made drawing books, and it was Will's idea. We used a folder and did our best drawings by observing pictures in safari and putting in in our folder. Will's being putting cartoony drawing in his folder like emojis and mini hulk and mini deadpool. I have been drawing realistic and serious drawings. I have 1 finished drawing in my folder and 1 unfinished drawing in my folder. Will's got 4 finished drawings and that's because they were so easy to draw. My finished drawing was a realistic looking anglerfish that took me a whole discovery time and a whole morning tea time to finish, and then I started working on another one which was a steampunk shark but I only got a chance to do it for 5 minutes which was barely anything for me so I will finish it at home. I've added colour to the angler fish to make it stand out more but there were lines of colour everywhere. Mrs. Reynolds said that it will look more better if you blended the colours, so I did and it looked way better than the one before. I think I should work on a bit more shading to make my drawings more realistic, and also take my time and don't try to rush it or it doesn't look good. Overall drawing/sketching was very fun with will and I will do it with will again.

Discovery Time 30.8.16

Discovery Time
Today at discovery time I didn't really do anything. I first did sketching, and I got really bored of it so I stopped. I tried to create a drawing book, I worked on the cool cover for a while and I did think it looked cool but I got quite bored. So… I stopped. Mrs. Reynolds told me to follow her and she said if I would like to do the obstacle course. I said sure. But I didn't know what to do so I tried to tell Jayden but he was too busy. Riley told me how it works but I did not get it at all. So I quit and walked back to class. I talked to Mrs. Reynolds for a while and decided that since I like art and never did painting before we decided that next discovery time I will do painting or water colouring on a canvas. A struggle for me was trying to find what to do. Someone who stood out for me was Mrs. Reynolds because she helped me to find what to do (even though I got bored of all of them) she still tried to help. I would like to improve by actually doing something so next discovery time I will do something that I won't get bored of.  A success for me was nothing. I tried to do stuff but I got bored of it, so I didn't really have a success this discovery time.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Proud Writing

Proud Writing
When I played soccer in the B team we played another team and I was in the striker position.
I was so happy and proud as it was my first time scoring for my team. My face bursted into a smile. I high fived a few people that were in my team.
Some one passed the ball to me and I honestly ball hogged it but managed to score a goal. I put my hands in the air and celebrated for a minute and got back in focus on the game. When we finished our game I sprinted to Darren and said what was the scores? Darren said that it was 8-0. 
So we WON! We all got lollipops, which were so yum.
 When we went to the bus there were
people from the football A team And B team ( the B team was us.) I talked to the A team and felt proud to say that we won.

Monday, 20 June 2016

My Camp Experience

My Camp Experience

Are you scared of dark or scared of something you never want to see ever again? This is a piece of writing of me going mountain biking and feeling the courage just to the end.

We went to Hanmer for camp which looked really fun! The previous class that went here had fun too! But someone fell into a thorn bush and got needles all over him. “Ouch” I said to myself. I said to him “what happened?” He said when he was doing mountain biking he fell onto a thorn bush. 

We got put into groups. We got booklets and the instructor said that our group were going to do mountain biking first. I gulped, because of what happened to the other guy.

When we reached where our activity is. There was an instructor that told as all what to do. It was so boring but for some reason I listened to every single word she said. They gave us helmets and
our adult helper gave us bikes that were just our size. Once everyone got a bike, we went off.

We went to this creepy muddy track that lead to the woods. I had a weird feeling that something might go wrong. There were huge trees that blocked the sun and made it creepy and dark. There were roots that would be really annoying by making your bike do a mini jump.

 I went a across a huge root and went flying like a bird for a second and landed with a thump, at least I didn't crash. There was a huge fallen dead tree that was about 5 meters above us. It looked really scary like it was going to fall on you. In one point all the trees became really short and red, and really beautiful, that the sun started showing again, but then ugly forest came back but disappeared in a few seconds since we were going so fast. I came across a thorn bush and turned but then there was the instructor and I have to brake.  I was going so fast that I skidded and fell over. Everyone started laughing and so did I.

In the distance I saw bright red and bright yellow trees and a stream with a bridge over it. The instructor said that we have to go to the bridge. We all biked really really fast so we could finally take a rest. We biked over the bridge and turned around. The stream was so shiny and clear. The instructor said we had to bike over the stream which looked extremely fun. Everyone just biked in a SPLASH! I was super wet and my shoes were soggy. Which was even more fun! Even the instructor did it. After a few minutes it got colder and I slowly started to freeze. It was bizarre. We had to bike back. I just groaned to myself that I was going to freeze on the way back. It took ages to get back. But I was never scared and I did have fun after all.


In my writing I have similes, onomatopoeia and improved words like:
 SPLASH! (Onomatopoeia) 
Bizarre ( improved words) 
flying like a bird (simile). 

A goal I would set for my writing would be to describe it a bit more to draw the reader into it and try to make it more interesting.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Popcorn Writing

Popcorn Writing
It was sudden I heard gunshots from the golden machine. The machine whirred and I saw the the popcorn budging the plastic cover, trying to escape. The machine exhaled smoke. It's almost like it's alive! It got louder and louder and louder and BANG! The machine spewed out popcorn into the pot. Everyone got to try a taste. It looked just like a puffy cloud with a hard core in the middle. It melted in my mouth and sizzled away. It was mild and light. I heard crunching and crackling by the people next to me. The machine continued to buzz away. The popcorn swirled around just like a tornado, and then POW! The popcorn flew through the air, past the bowl and hit the teacher! Everyone laughed and then. Then the machine buzzed louder and louder and POW POW POW! Heaps of popcorn flew out like superman onto the teacher. It looked like a golden dragon blowing popcorn out of its mouth.

T1 Reflection

Term 1 Reflection
We learnt about beat and rhythm. We learnt the purpose of it what it's made for. I found it very interesting as I never knew what music could actually do to you, except for listening to it.
We did a performance to the public, and I think it went well. But I was so nervous as there were like a thousand people who came to watch us. But everyone loved it and I started to smile and that shook all the nervousness out of me. I really enjoyed grooving along with the beat.

I think I am at a relational level, because I know the meaning of beat and why we have beat and how it effects us for instance, when music is fast we become more energetic, and when music is slow we start to feel droopy and lazy, and this is called tempo.

 My next step is to teach other people to understand how beat and rhythm works.

My role in my performance was doing the beat to keep everyone else in time so everything will go well for audiences will love our song.

 A struggle for me was to keep hold of everything and get used to it so I won't mess everything up. 

Overall I enjoyed learning about beat and rhythm, and doing the performance.